Modifier -24, Unrelated evaluation and management
    service by the same physician during postoperative period.

    As the modifier indicates, this is another modifier that you can only append with
    an E/M counter. It indicates that the E/M encounter is not related during the global

    Let's describe this modifier 24:

    A pain specialist performed facet nerve destruction with 10 days global for the
    patient. During the normal, postoperative global period, the patient came in to the
    office with severe knee pain due to fall on ice as evidenced by the patient's
    subjective information. The pain specialist will then report that E/M encounter with
    the patient by appending modifier 24 to indicate that encounter is not related
    during the postoperative global period.

    This modifier, like modifier 25 has no restriction as with the level of E/M code as
    long as it meets medical necessity, all its components or are time-based.

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Modifier -24?

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Modifier -24
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